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CIP/SIP Systems

Neopure diseña y fabrica sistemas CIP/SIP para la limpieza y/o esterilización in situ de instalaciones y equipos productivos de industria farmacéutica y biotecnológica.

The CIP/SIP systems of Neopure are designed from a needs study of the cleaning procedure of every laboratory., selecting the suitable solution to meet the user requirements and, at the same time, reliability and cost level appropriate to every cost-benefit concept of every case.

The CIP/SIP system are one or more tanks containing cleaning solutions or reagents that can be monitored automatically or semi-automatically controlling and reporting al critical variables of the cleaning process.

Facilities or equipment In situ cleaning and/or sterilizing areas.

Tanks: AISI-316 L

Pipes, valves and instruments: AISI-316 L

Bench: AISI-304

They are designed and manufactured for high performance areas according to cGMP and FDA recommendations.

All parts in contact with the eater or steam are made with stainless steels AISI316 or FDA approved polymers.

Non-proprietary elements (Gemü, Siemens, Festo, SMC)

SIP module optional for sterilizing processes.

Feeding tank optional

Sanitary in-line heat exchanger optional.