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PW & HPW Generating Plants and Distribution Loops

Grupo Cifa Neopure plantas de generacion distribucion pw hpw

The Neopure’s PW & HPW generating plants and distribution loops are complete systems of PW and HPW generators with multiple configurations od inverse osmosis and/or deionizers, with on-line monitoring systems. Plug&play equipment up to 2.000 l/h and customized equipment up to 10.000 l/h. Efficient equipment without high water consumption of network water.

The purified water and the high purified water are used mainly as a cleaning reagent, as a raw material is the basis material for the non-injectable products manufacturing, and they are the basis to obtain a better-quality water.
Tanks: AISI-316 L

Pipes, valves and instruments: AISI-316 L

Bench: AISI-304

The Purified Water generating plant is formed by two different parts, the inverse osmosis and the deionizer.
a) Inverse osmosis
The osmosis feed is with pre-treated water, with particles no larger than 50-60 microns.
It is vital to check that the water from the descale for the osmosis feed is 0ºHTF hardness.
The osmosis stage is formed by:

  • A pressurizing pump fed from the electro-deionizer
  • The membrane containers is formed by a set of a theoretical osmosis of a single tube, configured according to the production of the plant. According this configuration, the hydraulic yield of this system corresponds to 40% of permeate and 60% of rejection water.

b.) Electro-deionizer

The electro-deionizer is the part dedicated to the ionic and bacterial treatment of the osmotized water. The EDI contains a complete electrical panel with a PLC that monitors the operation of the entire Purified Water production plant. A touch-screen is used to as a HMI.

Non-proprietary elements (Gemü, Siemens, Festo, SMC)