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WFI Distribution Loops

Neopure sistemas de agua para inyectables (WFI)

The Water for Injection loops of Neopure are equipment designed to obtain maximum quality water by condensation and they have the high yield systems ensuring a high-quality monitoring systems (TOC, conductivity, …). The WFI generation is one of the most critical stages in every pharmaceutical plant.

The water for injection is used in the industry as a basis raw material for parenteral products manufacturing. It is used also as a cleaning or rinsing material of critical manufacturing equipment.

Tanks and heat exchangers: AISI-316 L

Pipes, valves and instruments: AISI-316 L

Bench: AISI-304

The main features of the system are:

– Storage tank with all pasts in contact with WFI made of stainless steel AISI-316L and the rest in stainless steel AISI-304. Designed by CIFA to reduce susceptible áreas to contamination, spray ball in the WFI return. Venting filter heated of 0,22µm.

– A pharmaceutical feeding pump, to continuously recirculation of WFI. Its power is monitored by a variable-frequency motor drive that receives a signal from a non-invasive flowmeter in the storage tank return pipe. The flow set point is 1,4 m3/h to maintain a minimum return velocity in the return line of 1 m/s, according FDA recommendation for this kind of facilities.

– Distribution loop made of pharmaceutical pipe, according to ASME BPE standard, with polish SFT1. All the welds are made by an orbital automatic TIC procedure.

– Temperature control system by a heating half-round in the storage tank. This system allows to maintain a stable temperature of 80ºC in normal working conditions and allows increase the temperature to 121ºC to do a thermal sterilization.

– User point valves “zero dead leg” type ensure a complete draining and minimize the microbial contamination risk.

– The control system is based on a Siemens PLC with ET200 architecture and a touch screen of 10” manage the system, select and monitor the parameters. This system only Works under operator password with identification function limits.
Non-proprietary parts (Gemü, Siemens, Festo, SMC)