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CIFA Pharma Solutions is the division of the CIFA Group specialized in field works in the production facilities of the pharmaceutical industry, such as water loops (PW, HPW, WFI, pure steam, N2), commissioning, training, execution of validations and calibrations of equipment.


Whether it’s Neopure equipment or any of NetSteril’s, principals, CIFA Pharma Solutions’ team of installers takes care of the installation at their destination. The installation service includes transport, location, connection of utilities and electrical and data connection according to the requirements of every manufacturer.
All pharmaceutical loop must have a good isometric drawing for its validation, quality of these diagrams is important to understand where is every instrument and component, where is every weld, who did it and what welding procedure had been used

  • Every weld is numbered and traceable
  • Inclines and dead spots identified and quantified
  • Kind of fluid, direction, pressure, etc., all this information must be clearly and simply written to be able to perform a correct Risk Analysis of the facilities
A good welding prevents future leakage, oxidation and contamination, so the CIFA Pharma Solutions division carries out all its welding on the premises with the latest generation of orbital welding equipment:

  • Ensuring correct purging of oxygen with inert gas
  • Ensuring the right temperature for each weld
  • Traceability of approved welding procedures
All the facilities in the pharmaceutical industry must be tested properly and CIFA Pharma Solutions offers:

  • Weld coupons
  • Endoscopic test
  • Weld site radiographies
  • Pressure and vacuum tests
One of the most critical phase in one project in the pharmaceutical products manufacturing industry is the start-up of an equipment. In this step, all parameters are set up and tested to achieve the desired result, the client can validate the equipment and the process in a quicker and efficient way.

Training is another aspect of great relevance for CIFA Pharma Solutions. Good training to the end user and the maintenance team prevents future failures and ensures the correct operation of the installation and the quick start-up by the end users.

The installation will not be operational until it is validated. In the pharmaceutical industry documentary support to ensure the efficiency and repeatability of production processes is as important as the process itself. For this reason, CIFA Pharma Solutions offers in all its projects the documentation of commissioning or validation for a quick start-up of the equipment and obtaining the pertinent approvals and audits.

In all the pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, CIFA Pharma Solutions ensures an accurate measuring of all the instruments by the calibration Works in the laboratory or in situ:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Weight
  • Chemical parameters
  • Flow rate
  • Time
  • Gases analysers
  • Electrical signals
  • Dimensions
  • Strength